Not the experience but the thrill is needed! Here is the category for those who will taste the spirit of the great Salt Lake, enjoy this amazing race!

Get ready for a lifetime running experience on a path that out of this world! 10K, 20K, 40K, 80K and 100 Mile categories await for everyone from inexperienced runners to the professional athletes.

Runfire Salt Lake


Runfire Salt Lake Racecource 2019

Category Start Time Cut-Off Time Cut-off Hour
RFSL 10k Saturday 09:00 (am) 2 Hours 11:00

The racecourse of the Salt Lake is totally flat and there is no ascent or descent.

Runners are supposed to follow the course regarding the color code and the order stated on the graphic.

10K runners follow the blue line and turn back from the “Turning Point”. Then reach to the finish line.


August 19th, 2022, Friday
10:00 Opening of Camp Area
12:00 - 20:00 Registrations & Kit Delivery (All Categories)
12:00 – 14:00 100 Mile Pasta Party
16:00 100 Mil Briefing
18:00 START - 100 Mile
18:30 10K - 20K - 40K - 80K Briefing
19:00 Pasta Party (General)
19:30 Fire Up - DJ Music
August 20th, 2022, Saturday
06:00 – 07:00 Late Kit Delivery
07:00 START 40K & 80K
09:00 START 10K & 20K
10:30 Expected First 20K Finish
11:30 Expected First 40K Finish
13:30 Expected First 100Miles Finish
14:00 Award Ceremony for 10K - 20K - 40K
17:00 Expected First 80K Finish
August 21st, 2022, Sunday
08:30 – 09:30 Breakfast
10:00 Award Ceremony for 80K & 100 Mile
10:30 Leaving the Camp Site


Important Information:
Due to Covid-19 process, the organization will apply the rules in line with the announced recommendations for measures and practices by the Ministry of Health and the Athletics Federation (Athletics Federation of Turkey’s special contests manual). Depending on the pandemic process, the rules can be updated and changed. All rule updates will be posted on the event’s official "Race Rules" page. The participants are obliged to follow these rules regularly until the race day.

- The time of the athletes will be measured starting from the moment the electronic chip measurement system is passed.
- Courses must be completed within the cut-off times given in the racecourse detail page of every category. Exceeding the time limit will result in disqualification.
- Participants have to stop by at the checkpoints of the given category. Not stopping by at the related checkpoints will result in disqualification.
- Participants will be provided with food supplements, drinking water and hot water at designated checkpoints. Social distance rules will apply at control points. Necessary measures will be taken by the organization, with a maximum of 3 people at a checkpoint.
- There will be water support at checkpoints for every participant. All participants are supposed to get enough water. There will be a penalty if the runner gets a serum because of dehydration. (1st serum: 2 hours penalty, 2nd serum: 4 hours penalty, 3rd serum: disqualification.
- Participants are supposed to carry all the mandatory equipment stated in each category’s detail page. The ones who do not carry the mandatory equipment will result in disqualification. Referees and staff have a right to check the mandatory equipment in anytime during the race. For any reason, lack of any mandatory equipment will result in disqualification.
- Runners must be minimum 18 years old.
- For participants under the age of 18, parents must fill out a waiver form.
- Littering in the race course will be punished with 2 hours at the first time, and result in disqualification in case it’s repeated.
- Behaviors that persistently disturb other runners can lead to disqualification from the race. To allow this decision depends only to the racing director.
- Participants are expected to fill in the form under the application tab on this website and deposit the fee for the relevant category for the registration to be completed. The bib numbers are obligatory to wear during the race and will be delivered at the registration desk on the indicated hours at the program.
- Cancellation and Refund policies are stated in the “Participation Fee” section.
- Registrations will be closed in August 15th, 2022. After this date; no revision & change in the categories will be accepted. In case of reaching participation quota, registrations might be closed before the given date.
- Health report is NOT required for 10K runners.
- Organizers and referees hold the right to disqualify a competitor at any stage of the race in case there is a health issue.
- Partcipants who do not have the materials specified in the list of mandatory materials will not be accepted to the race after the check to be performed before the race.
- The race requires high level physical and mental endurance. Thus the competitors must be well prepared. Each runner signs a consent letter before the race.
- Each runners ending time will be determined by adding penalty times, if any. In case of objection, the organization's records will be based. In addition, arrival times will be recorded at each control point.
- Professional rescue and health teams will be present during the race at all times. Ambulances and the medical teams will be on the designated points along the track. Medicals hold the right to disqualify a competitor in case there is a health issue.
- The race director is responsible of the race track and management during the race. The map of the race course will be delivered to competitors before the race. The race course can be changed by the race director due to weather conditions or other reasons. Race director briefs the competitors on the final information before the race.
- Runners can commit their precious belongings and other belongings to staff before the race. These will be returned at the end of the race. In line with the Covid-19 precautions, there will be no contact with the bags delivered except for the runners, including the organization teams. Participants will receive their belongings by showing their tickets from the specially reserved area. The responsibility of the equipment that will be carried in the backpacks during the race belongs to the runner.
- No refunds will be paid in case of absence of the mandatory equipment or breaking any of the rules above and in case of disqualification by the referee decision.
- Participants can leave the race at any point they want. In order to be deemed to have left the race, the organization must be informed.
- All registered runners are responsible for collecting their race kits before the race. No kits will be delivered after the race.
- Participants are supposed to complete the racecourse and reach the checkpoints within the given cut-off times.
- Participants who are not able to complete the courses in given times will be disqualified and will be transferred to the finish line by the organization.
- Disqualified / Withdrawn runners will NOT be allowed to continue in the race for any.

Following situations will be resulted in disqualification:
• Not complying with the social distance and health rules specified by the organization before and during the race
• Not passing by the checkpoints.
• Littering in the racecourse (except the checkpoints)
• Shortcuts
• Not carrying the bib number and the chip system properly
• Refusing the health check or mandatory equipment check by the organizer
• Not carrying the mandatory equipment during the race.

All registered runners are deemed to have accepted all of the race rules.

• Participants are obliged to comply with all warning signs, rules and warnings in the camp area, which will be prepared in accordance with social distance rules.
• For accommodation, tents will not be provided by the organization. Each participant will bring their individual tent and accommodate in the private area reserved for the tents.
▪ Only participants, organizers and press will be taken to the camp site.
▪ Fever measurement will be carried out at the camp entrance for all participants.
▪ It is mandatory to wear a mask in the camp area.
▪ Coffee and kettle machines will not be used except authorized personnel. It will be served by the authorities considering the social distance.
▪ The meals to be provided by the organization in the camp will be served with single-use services.
▪ It is mandatory to wear a mask during breakfast and meal delivery hours.
▪ Open shower system will be used in the camp in accordance with the social distance.
▪ Private toilet areas are reserved for athletes only, and will be regularly disinfected by teams appointed by local governments after each use.
▪ Personal materials such as Chairs, Mat, Sleeping Pads will be provided by the participants. No accommodation equipment will be provided by the organization.
▪ Social distance rules between tables, chairs and tents will apply. A table will be determined for each group of participants and participants will only be able to use the table with their names until the end of the race.


• There will not be any Money prize in the race.
• All finishers receive a special race finisher medal.
• Runners who are ranked, will receive the trophy and special gifts from the organizer.
• 10K category will be classified only with the general rankings both for men and women, meaning that there will not be age groups. All other categories will be classified both in general rankings and age groups as follows:

    *General (Men & Women)
    *Women / Men Age < 35 (BD: 1987-2003)
    *Women / Men Age 35 – 49 (BD: 1972-1986)
    *Women / Men > 50 (BD: 1971 and before)

Paralympic Category
All handicapped athletes will have special medal.


Runfire Salt Lake Ultra 40K registration fees as follows:

Early Reg. Standard Reg.
15.01.2022 - 15.04.2022 16.04.2022 - 15.08.2022
₺400 ₺440

* Paralympic category registrations are free.

Refund Policies
• Cancellation made between 01.01.2022 - 30.04.2022 will incur a 20% charge.
• Cancellation made between 01.05.2022 - 30.07.2022 will incur a 30% charge.
• No REFUND will be made for the cancellation made after 31.07.2022.

Important points about entry:
• Registration to the organization is deemed to have been made by payment of the participation fee of the relevant category.

• Registration is only completed after the payment is made. 

• Participants have to present the mandatory equipment in order to collect the bib numbers.

• Registration fees or chest numbers cannot be transferred to another athlete.

• If it is desired to make changes in the categories after the final registration,
      * A fee with a lower participation fee will not be charged for a pass.
    * A charge difference is added to a categorization with a higher participation fee.
• The registration will be closed in August 15th, 2022. In case of reaching the quota, the registrations might be closed before the stated date.

In case of reaching the quota (1500 participants), the registrations might be closed before the stated date. Services Included in Participance Fee
• Race Kits
    - Cloth Bag
    - Drop Bag
    - Bib Number
    - Race Chip
    - Tshirt

• Food services
    - Pasta party (Will be given Friday, August 19th, 2022)
    - Participants may bring their own food and/or may purchase daily meals via the catering section in the event area.
    - Finisher meal box (Only for participants)
    - Water, tea and coffee services will be free of charge during the open hours of the buffet.
    - Hot water will be provided free of charge for those who wish the cook their own food.

IMPORTANT: Apart from the pasta party and the finisher meal boxes, there will NOT be any food options provided free by the organization.
• Accommodation
    - Free camping area for individual tents (No individual tents will be provided by the organization.
(Paid tent rental options will be announced here soon)
• Health care services
• Security services
• WC – shower services


Mandatory Equipment for 10K:

- Health Report
- Mobile phone
- Whistle
- water bottle or Cup (There will NOT be plastic cups at the checkpoints and NO water will be given in plastic water bottles.)



- The race will take place in ŞEREFLİKOÇHİSAR area on the Salt Lake.
- For Ankara - Şereflikoçhisar transportation and partnered hotels in Şereflikoçhisar region, you can contact Latitude Tour at the following number:
532 663 0555

Arriving to Location by Private Vehicle:
Participants can reach the location on the Ankara - Aksaray road via the GPS link shared below by their private vehicles. The event area will be marked with flags and signs by the organization and Şereflikochisar Municipality.

- To reach to the campsite by your car, you can follow the marked point in the map: Google Maps - Camp Area Location

Free shuttle hours: Şereflikochisar Bus Terminal-Event Area:
Friday, August 19
Şereflikochisar Bus Terminal - Event Area: 11:00, 17:00
Event Area - Sereflikochisar Bus Terminal: 21:45

Saturday, August 20
Şereflikochisar Bus Terminal - Event Area: 05:30, 07:00
Event Area - Sereflikochisar Bus Terminal: 15:30, 18:00

Sunday, August 21
Şereflikochisar Bus Station - Event Area: 07:30
Event Area - Sereflikochisar Bus Station:10:30

You can reach Latitude Tour from the number below for partner hotels and hostels in the Şereflikochisar region.
+90 532 663 0555
Collective yörük tent for accommodation options, you can contact Latitude Tour at the following number; +90 532 663 0555
-Collective yörük tents are 20m2 in size and 8 people. (Groups can stay less or more people if they wish.)
-There is ordinary electricity inside the tent in collective yörük tents.
-The floor and 4 walls of the nomadic tents are covered and made from original goat hair.

Participants who want to stay in the camping area can bring their own tents and settle in the area reserved for tent accommodation by the organization.
The organization will not provide individual tents. Competitors who wish can come to the field with their own tents and set up their tents free of charge in their area.
No separate electricity service will be provided to individual tents. Participants who wish can use the sockets in the common areas.
In addition to the facility toilet in the area, an extra caravan toilet and outdoor shower service will be provided free of charge for the participants.


• Although almost the entire route is flat, there will be grounds with irregular and variable hardness, so proper footwear selection and preparation process is very important. Air temperature and the length of the route are also important factors to be considered. The daytime temperatures in the region are about 33-35 degrees and the night temperatures are about 15 degrees. Proper material selection should be made taking into account the difference between day and night temperatures.
• In order to be successful in ultra-marathon, the next most important element of durability and condition is to have a proper diet before and during the race. The balance and strategy of nutrition during the race is as important as your physical endurance. It is appropriate to practice long courses. It is useful to practice running-walking alternatives while training.
• Walking / riding with a backpack puts a strain on different muscle groups. For this reason, at least a part of the training should be done with the backpack, preferably with the backpack to be used in the race, and with similar weight. It will be convenient to do preparation exercises with shoes and bags that you will use in the race.
• It is especially important to be accustomed to long exercises for the ultra-marathon category. At the start of the race, the body must be able to support a walk of at least 8 hours and fewer hops. If possible, training in the heat before the race may be important in terms of adapting the race.
• Strengthening of the back and back muscles is especially important when carrying bags.

Equipment Suggestions:
Shoes: Running or trekking shoes are recommended. In case of swelling and bandage, it is appropriate to wear 1-2 size bigger shoes. New shoes are definitely not recommended. It is recommended that you practice in the race with shoes beforehand.

Socks: Padded walking or running socks should be preferred. Having a separate sock for each day is suitable for foot health.

Hat and bandana: It is absolutely necessary to use a hat and / or bandana as it will be exposed to sunlight at high altitude during the marathon. Visor hats are recommended because it is also protective.

Sun Protection: Sunglasses are essential. It would be very difficult to complete these marathons without them. Sunscreens with high protective properties are absolutely necessary against exposure to high doses of UV rays.

Sleeping Bag: The region is expected to be accordingly.

Mat: The grounds can be stony and hard when camping. Therefore it is beneficial to bring a mat.

Food: In the ultra-marathon category, every runner is free to bring his/her own food. It is important to pay attention to salt intake. For this reason, it is recommended to consume plenty of salt and / or take salt tablets during the race. Food / nutritional supplements that are preferably intended to be consumed during running will be supplied by the runners and can be carried in backpacks.

Water Transport and Drinking Systems: Sufficient water will be provided at the control points. Drinking at intervals instead of drinking at once will be more effective and healthy. For this reason, water tanks should be preferred for hands-free running.

Runners' List

(total: )

100 Mile (36)

Name Nationality Gender Classification
ahmet şahinöz 40-
didzis jeremics LV 40-
hüseyin kahraman 50+
alirıza pamuk 40-49
ismet acar 50+
kıvanç ergun 50+
çigdem topatan 40-49
fatih gürbüz 40-49
onur koçak 40-
kamil demiroğlu 40-
alper dalkılıç 40-49
evren kalaycıklıoğlu 40-49
cengiz akyüz 40-49
burak yılmaz 40-49
evren ozkarakasli 40-
süreyya acar 50+
rikki roath 40-
önder duran 40-49
gürhan akdağ 50+
denız çiçek 40-
şevki demirtaş 40-49
erdem erdağ 40-
sevil toker 40-
zafer özer 40-49
murat yeşiltaş 50+
hakan kerimoğlu 40-49
satılmış gündoğdu 50+
abdülaziz özay 40-49
beste gün aslan 40-
yasin ünal 40-49
eyüp kutluhan doğan 40-
hikmet karakaya 40-49
özden sertkaya 40-49
salih bulut 40-
mecit çelebi 50+
mehmet osman döner 40-

80K (35)
Name Nationality Gender Classification
ahmet sevilmiş 40-49
kaan tuna 40-49
erdoğan kirpi 40-49
özlem kafalı 40-49
murat arda oğuz 40-
bayram ülker 40-
ilker yıldırım 40-
alişan aygar 40-
albert mora murciano ES 40-
ıbrahim kilicdagi AUT 50+
ali özcan 40-
anıl aydın 40-49
çağla kaya 40-
vedat nisanoğlu 50+
matt love 50+
stephen sammut nurminen sammut nurminen 40-
selim korkmaz 40-49
mahmut akkus 40-
özmen yucak 40-
yasin pamuk 50+
umut çavuşoğlu 40-49
salim akdaş 40-49
erkan öztürk 40-49
kaan gözetenler 40-
berk aşkan 40-
erdem kalenderoğlu 40-49
mikail topcu 40-49
svetlana bazhenova AL 50+
kudret altak 40-
hilmi güven 40-49
fevzi çelik 40-49
sedat serçe 40-49
gülfer altun 40-
canberk uysal 40-
mehmet ali kiper 50+

40K (109)
Name Nationality Gender Classification
mustafa es 40-
erol uzun 50+
mehmet arı 40-
akın ünlü 40-49
erol algan 40-49
suphi yılmaz 40-49
funda ünel 40-49
yonca çetin 40-
erdoğan özkan 40-
engin deniz 40-
utkan corbacioglu 40-49
eda kınacı 40-49
yılmaz tongul 40-
jochen anthierens BEL 40-49
fatih aykurt 40-
lütfi suat cihan 40-49
halil ibrahim gül 40-49
abdülkadir topkaraoğlu 40-
murat kurtak 40-49
yunus seker LUX 40-
adriana moser AUT 40-
bora çoban 40-49
mustafa cem pehlivan 40-
çağdaş özer 40-
osman gezgin 50+
temel parıltı 40-49
ezgi gozüyeşil batuman 40-49
tuğrul peker 40-49
alper güleç 40-
ibrahim aytekin 50+
mahmut yavuz 40-49
canberk işler 40-
mehmet salih temurcan 50+
engin çalışan 40-49
burak pehlivan 40-
serhat köklüer 40-
barış sipahioğlu 40-49
mustafa oğraş 40-49
cem doğan 50+
merih aygün 40-
nazlı sarıkabak 40-
onur saçu 40-
mustafa seçkin 40-49
erhan kurt 40-49
ahmet serkan aslan 40-
oğuzcan çığ 40-49
cahit özgen olgunus 40-49
volkan binici 40-49
murat esenoluk 40-49
osman harun ölmez 50+
harun türk 40-49
kasım olhan 40-49
ibrahim özgedik 40-
simge karabastık 40-
murat bora alpçetin 40-49
zeki holacı 40-49
metin alp 50+
yalçın giray arıcan 50+
merve koksel 40-
yigit koksel 40-
cihan baykal 40-49
ismail boyraz 50+
doğan yıldız 40-
volkan gündüz 40-49
okyanus yıldız 40-
semih cavkaytar 40-
eda gemici 40-
meltem çolak 50+
serkan saktanber 40-49
burçak özoğlu 50+
ender halıcı 50+
mehmet güzel 40-
suleyman askargenc 40-49
vasıl ercüment erbaş 40-49
bülent bilgin 40-49
selçuk çukurova 40-49
beyza güzel 40-
abdullah burakçın 40-49
özgür yüksel 40-49
sevim katre yılmaz 50+
wei shi 40-49
veli zor 40-
ömer güngör 40-
fazıl sulukan 40-49
burak bilge
rojda sezer 50+
ronen kachay ISR 40-49
alp berker 50+
nezih çetinsöz 40-49
hasan hüseyin erdoğan 40-49
cumhur fahri amasyalı 50+
ayhan esen 40-49
elif acar 40-
yener geyik 40-49
gülşah miyasaoğlu tülek 40-
özgür güner 40-49
mehmet önelge 40-49
harun erbil 40-49
ahmet peksoy 40-49
ramazan yümlü 40-49
koray uğur erbaş 40-
ulaş hakan uysal 40-
çiğdem gerçeker 40-49
suat azer 40-
kaya çorak 40-49
willem nel 40-49
faysal nalbantoglu 40-
meriç aşer 40-
ali adnan 50+

20K (197)
Name Nationality Gender Classification
yaşar kayıkcı 40-49
ali çelikcan 40-49
kaan kıbrıslıgil 40-
cuma kuzu 40-49
sadık unutmaz 40-49
orhan şenol şahin 40-49
harald solberg 40-49
solvor aarsland 40-49
selçuk akbaba 40-
rıdvan alper afacan 40-49
ryan batterma 40-
bülent başaran 40-49
buminhan tunç 40-49
lucy green 40-
ibrahim koçarslan 50+
darrin davis 40-49
efrahim özcan 40-49
seymanur yildirim 40-
berkan şengün 40-
emre goker goker 40-
hasan güder 40-49
navil shaimukhametov 40-
kadir erturk 40-49
hasan sahin 50+
roman shevtsov 40-
utku ekim 40-
ümit taha yalçın 40-
mehmet kutlu 40-
gozde senipek 40-
murat şenipek 40-
özkan murat 40-49
naji vahedi gharehchopogh 40-
çetin kaya 40-
mehmet kürşat soydan 40-49
anıl dinç 40-
görkem eşsiz 40-
ayşe deniz erbil 40-49
koray het 40-49
sıtkı gönen 50+
yusuf keskin 40-
sertaç yazar 40-
murat rizeli 40-
ozan güllü 40-49
önder arıcı 50+
özkan çelik 40-49
ata toprak acar 40-
aynur kilicdagi AUT 50+
serdar üstündağ 40-49
süleyman birdal 50+
ayhan demiriz 50+
murat yılmaz 40-49
mahmut yaray 40-
khalid aldarbashi JO 40-
cengiz soysal 50+
ferhat sen 40-
alevtina buzenkova 40-
mustafa akkülah 40-
neşe çopur 40-49
tuğba hunili 40-
serhat kürklü 40-
erhan çalışkan 40-
çağrı het 40-
ilayda demirören 40-
ayşe kara 40-
serdar sadıklı 40-
onur onarıcı 40-
mehmet akif kılaç 40-49
syed zainal abidin bin syed noh 40-49
emre caglayan 40-49
gökhan aslan 40-49
yıldırım özsabuncuoğlu 40-49
yavuz eroğlu 40-49
barış pakiş 50+
elizabeth norton 50+
mesut kılınç 40-49
temmuz coşkun 40-
ahmet keklik 50+
aziz yiğit gökalp 40-
ayhan aktürk 40-49
derya kırıcı 40-
melda fatma derviş 40-
gülnur başer 40-49
alper dedeoğlu 50+
marcin michnowski 40-
soner özdemir 40-
mustafa emre tuncer 50+
vedat yumşak 50+
çiğdem yumşak 40-
güray tatlı 50+
marcin wloskowicz 50+
onur kerim dermanlı 40-49
hakkı kazancı 40-49
cüneyt çarıkçi 40-
bahri alper çarkacı 40-49
halil ibrahim kaşut 40-
suat demirci 50+
cüneyt somuncuoğlu 50+
serkan ıktu 40-
vedat şavur 50+
şeref kabataş 40-49
gökçeçiçek kabataş 40-
ahmet akdeniz 50+
kadir burt 40-
murat duman 40-
tolga han dinç 40-
salih onur tezel 40-49
fitnat budak 40-
emre balcı 40-
saliç aktaş 40-
fatih kacar 40-
dylan macolton pettinger 40-
kapris layzell 40-
özlem tuna 50+
uğur akdal 40-
gülru peker 40-49
alp biricik 40-49
onur kaynarca 40-
tarık ateş 40-
çağdaş cemre kılıç 40-
aytaç aktuğ karabay 40-
kutsal köse 40-
murat evci 40-
gencay mehmet onay 40-49
çiğdem nur turhan 40-
burcu çinçin 40-
evgenii riazantsev 40-
julide arslan 40-49
emrah karakaş 40-
ulaş kıstak 40-49
ışıl kaya 40-49
murat erenoğlu 40-49
bülent erbaş 40-
gülşen eser 40-
yigit yurdakul yurdakul 40-
tanju baş 50+
ışıl kesmen 40-
andong wang 40-
seyfi özmay 40-49
ahmet aydın 40-49
engin ayan 40-49
ferhat bahadır aydın 40-49
cenk cidecio 40-
onur erenler 40-49
hüseyin doğan 40-49
serhat övet 40-
bulent sancak 40-49
yaprak sancak 40-49
ısmail arbaoui 40-
ata tan 50+
russell auld 40-
avsin kasikci 40-49
arlette paiva paiva ANG 40-
gary walsh 40-
gemma eastaway 40-
ümit taylan akbaba 50+
mehmet şerif sürer 40-49
albert puıg rodrıguez ES 40-49
çağrı küçükkuş 40-
deniz olasek 40-49
mariia kiiashko 40-
fatih durhasan 40-49
hasan çapacı 40-49
gizem bengisu berçin 40-49
uğur tez 40-
mustafa tekinel 40-49
ahmet ugur kar 40-
selin güney 40-49
tolga dener 40-49
mehmet ali uzun 40-49
veyis zambak 50+
canan bozkurt 40-
elif kurtulmuş akbaş 40-
dmitry soroka 40-
ibrahim kara 40-49
neslihan demir 40-
gökhan mavitunalı 40-49
kubilay özcan 50+
rıdvan aykul 40-
isa ekiz 40-
serdar göktekin 40-49
ilknur ulutaş 40-
serkan arıkan 40-49
gözde koçu 40-
gonca ateş arıkan 40-49
haluk ulutaş 40-49
berna gökkaya 40-
ender kıvanç kunt 40-49
kerem mutluay 40-49
okan özer 40-49
murat yazıcıgil 40-49
ayşe zeynep güldiken 40-49
ipek yalçın 40-
ellen milner 40-49
vedat ülkü 40-49
tuğçe kara 40-
figen kiper 40-49
müge adnan 50+

10K (225)
Name Nationality Gender Classification
mila pshenichnikova 40-
seda servi gürtunca 40-
sofie wuyts BEL 40-49
burak emre makara 40-
mustafa altıntaş 50+
ahmet cilak 40-
latif ergün 40-49
hüsnü erdoğdu 40-49
öznur çam 40-49
hasan ali uz 50+
semih türer 40-
ali hafta 50+
mustafa badem 40-
nazmi kokun 40-
sahay ableyla 40-49
hazal cenik 40-
şüheda yüksel 40-
kaan pamukcu 40-49
rafet alaoğlu 50+
ismail çağrı öncü 40-
ismail yılmaz 40-
levent yılmaz 40-
mehmet sarıoğulları 40-49
dildan ünal 40-49
ünsal ünal 40-49
gamze karagöz 40-
ekin çankal 40-
nurettin gundogmus 40-49
selim uysal 40-
fırat dadaş 40-
ismail kuşdemir 40-
pınar duman 40-
mehmet yoruk 40-49
can adiloğlu 40-49
omer faruk sıngın 50+
william chilcott 40-
kasımcan biçer 40-
ipek yıldız 40-
sergey fedulov 40-
tuğba cerit 40-
durmuş cerit 40-
özgür bülent çağlayan 40-49
gonul ozturk 40-49
mustafa özgür ateş 40-49
evren bilgili 40-
buğra gencer 40-
enes dalmış 40-
tuğçe dalmış 40-
ibrahim yazıcı 40-
ali aydın unudan 40-
nimet tosun 40-
buket ocak 40-
ercan çağlayan 40-
umut ocak 40-49
erkan yağız 40-
tuncay saraç 40-
ipek yıldız 40-
ipek yıldız 40-
ipek yıldız 40-
sinem noyan 40-
ismail kuşdemir 40-
magid alsharabi 40-
ışıl farukoğlu 50+
burak inan 40-
sinem noyan 40-
şevket demirsular 40-
hüseyin doğancan altun 40-
helene opsal 40-
burçak özdemir 40-49
erkan kocaoğlu 40-
melis şentürk 40-
onur orhan 40-
ismail şen 40-
ismail arslan 40-
gökçe öz 40-
rukiye altınbaş altınbaş 40-49
deniz yücel 40-
atınç uçtu 40-49
haluk sercan çuhadar 40-49
idil deniz ergün 40-49
kerem yetişir 40-
kutluhan durmaz 40-49
alper gümrükçü 40-
ahmet hakan ünsal 50+
hamide gönen 50+
dilara gülsen ateş 40-
ayşegül eygi 40-
yasın aydın 40-
serkan çelik 40-49
merve arslan 40-
sibel karakaya 40-49
cumhur karakaya 40-49
kaan akman 40-
asena iman 40-
zeynep göktepe 50+
merve timur 40-
kubilay timur 40-
serpil ak 40-
hüseyin kerem şenal 40-
betül fırat 40-
safa het 50+
medet can alibeyoğlu 40-
selin alıcı 40-
fatih önal 40-
burak diler 40-
zübeyde özge humar 40-
elif beyza can 40-
alper veysel çığşar 40-
atahan haznedar 40-
sudaay tat 40-
emre özdil 40-
nesibe keleş 40-
merve gülcüoğlu 40-
thierry lauret 50+
deniz nadirler 40-49
batuhan can güler 40-
koray gezer 40-49
yağmur eroğlu 40-
selin poçan barutcuoğlu 40-49
engin barutcuoğlu 40-49
semih çakır 40-
alban cichowlas 40-
şebnem kadercan 40-
hüseyin inci 40-
sabahat gizem kapkac 40-
selim kapkac 40-
ahmet enis turgut
erinc alkim yaylali 40-
oytun egemen 40-49
burcu halide özüduru 40-49
ömer faruk eke 40-
zeynep bilgin
gökçe bilgin 40-49
murat meral 40-49
ıtır köymen meral 40-
bahruz aliyev 40-49
serkan elmas 40-
anıl basaran 40-49
ersan çoker 40-
ekrem duman 40-49
tamer taslak 40-49
tamer rızaoğlu 50+
çiğdem porsuk 50+
deniz küçük 40-49
caner türkol 40-
nazlıcan pamuk 40-
kemal evren çelik 40-
derya katipoglu 40-49
halil iri CYP 40-
skye black 40-
veysel özder 40-
sevda kar 40-
şirin bilginaylar CYP 40-
cevriye akkurt 40-
cem ferda taşcı 40-49
burak tetik 40-
emre uğurbaş 40-
ogün taşkın 40-49
mustafa yeşiloglu 40-49
alkım alkan 40-49
cihan karalük 40-
ergün kızılocak 40-49
tanyel yalçın 40-49
şamil baturay ışıkbol 40-49
ümit barış torun 40-49
hakan kırıcı 40-49
h. ibrahim alpaslan 40-49
çağdaş erdoğan 40-
ayşe azra akıncı kıran 40-
azra ilhan 40-
alÎ hamÎt saygıner
e. oya ergeneci 50+
makbule aydur 40-49
erkut erçek 40-49
çağla şahan 40-
gül kıstak 40-49
devrim zümrütkaya 40-49
marina gacto 40-
ismail akyol 40-49
deniz unsal 40-
isa tekgül 40-49
özgür ökten 50+
şeyda erbaş 40-
burak bağçıvandemir 40-
kübra bağçıvandemir 40-
emel keleş 40-49
alev sevüktekin 40-49
serpil tekinel 40-49
lori elizabeth özmay CAN 40-49
kurtuluş yalçın 50+
anastasiia guskova 40-
büşra furat 40-
yelda çelik 40-49
eda dilşad bozdoğan 40-
aytaç şentürk 40-
ceren kuş 40-
jane woolley 40-
yücel kılıç 40-49
hamit ayrancı 40-
çağrı özçetin 40-
mikdat güler 40-49
emre bayram 40-
okan vurmaz 40-
buğrahan cemil uslu 40-
lucy jennings 40-
srrvet kılınçaslan 40-
aynur aydoğan 40-49
nil ece beken 40-49
ezgi duygu bekdemir 40-
esra birgenç 40-
murat fırat ilker 40-
melis oruç 40-
doğan oruç 40-
alara ergin 40-
kader sucuk 40-
alya kavak 40-
ömer kele 40-
atilla kayan 50+
irem özdemir 40-
tolga ergün 40-
özlem turhan 40-
veysi saraç 40-49
fatih mehmet akdan 40-
nuriye aslan 50+
ayşe kaya 40-

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